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Darrell's Giant

Darrell's Giant

September 05, 2019 by

Huge congrats to sub-guide Darrell Gogert on taking this stud muley with his bow this year. Coming in at 205 7/8” Darrell got to hang his tag on a true giant! Darrell had been watching this buck and several other studs over the summer and was able to keep at it and get his target buck. Darrell is also the founder and CEO of Velvet Antler Technologies and has been working to develop his product (Velvalok) to be the only way to preserve the velvet on your early season harvest’s without going through the injection process. Darrell and his team are also working on a number of different products to help you preserve, clean, and maintain your trophies long after you harvest them! Go check out his product at https://www.velvetantlertechnologies.com/ and follow them on Instagram @velvetantlertechnologies .

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