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New to Nevada?

If Nevada is somewhere you are interested in hunting but have not started applying yet, now is the time to get started! Nevada is a draw state that utilizes a bonus point system, meaning the more years you apply, the better odds you will have at drawing a tag, but there is always a chance to draw. If you are already planning on hiring a guide for rifle Mule Deer hunting, please reach out to us as soon as possible about Nevada's Non-Resident Guided Mule Deer draw. By applying through an Outfitter in the Guided Draw you can double, and in some cases, even quadruple your chances at drawing a Nevada Deer Tag in some units! The Guided Draw takes place at the beginning of every year and the best time to get ahold of us to get on the list is around December. This will give you time to create your online account with the Department of Wildlife. If you would like to get started on creating your account, click the link above to go to Nevada's online portal. Whether it's how to set up your account or application strategies feel free to reach out and Nevada High Ridge Outfitters would be glad to help!